Please note that most links are not yet working.  Unfortunately this list is missing some undergraduate researchers. If you are an alum and do not see your name, please contact Bob Hamers to get added to the list. 

Name Position Year  completed  
 Yuxuan (Johnson) Chen Visiting Undergraduate Scholar, Nanjing University 2018  
Arun Kumar Postdoc 2018  
Adarsh Suresh Undergrad Researcher 2018  
Chenyu Wang Postdoc 2018  
Tim Saunders M.S., Materials Chemistry 2018  
Jason Bandy Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering 2018  
Kirsten Louthan M.S., Materials Chemistry 2018  
Melinda Shearer Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2018  
Arielle Mensch Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2018  
Lily Klapper Undergrad Researcher 2017  
Devin Edge Undergrad Researcher 2017  
Mimi Hang Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry 2017  
Margaret “Margy” Robinson Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry 2017  
Laura Slaymaker Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry 2017  
Shuyu Fang Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2017  
Daniel Conroy REU Student 2016  
Miao Yang M.S., Materials Chemistry 2016  
Alexa Wallace REU Student  2016  
Spencer Bingham REU Student (Carthage College) 2016  
John van Gilder B.S., Chemistry 2016  
Marco Torelli Ph.D., Chemical Biology 2015  
Jamie Wheeler Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2015  
Linghong Zhang Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2015  
Kate Scholz High school student 2014  
Di Zhu Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2014  
Becca Putans Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2014  
Caroline English Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2014  
Joe Yeager Ph.D., Physical Chemistry 2013  
Yizheng Tan Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2013  
Michelle Benson Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2013  
Ailin Mao Undergraduate Student 2013  
Connor Firth Undergraduate Student 2013  
Jesse Pankamo Undergraduate Student 2012  
Shaoyang Wang Undergraduate Student 2012  
Nigel Becknell Undergraduate Student 2012  
Lee Bishop Postdoc 2012  
Jixin Chen Postdoc 2012  
Kacie Louis Ph.D., Physical Chemistry 2012  
Professor Jacob (Jake) Ciszek Sabbatical Visitor from Loyola University 2012  
Xin Chen Ph.D., Physical Chemistry 2012  
Rose Ruther Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2012  
Ryan Franking Ph.D., Materials Science 2011  
Stephanie Hogendoorn Ph.D., Physical Chemistry 2011  
Allison Cardiel Undergraduate REU Student 2011  
Nicholas Pasternack High School Student Intern 2011  
Shivani Kumar 8th grade EAGLE Mentor Student 2011  
Xiaoyu Wang Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2010  
Beth Landis Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2010  
Alex Huhn High School Student 2009  
Fábio Reis Visiting Scientist 2009  
Divya Goel Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2009  
Andrew Mangham Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2009  
Michael Stoneman 8th Grade EAGLE Mentor Student 2009  
Bo Li Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry 2009  
Jaritza Gomez REU Student, Univ. of Puerto Rico – Cayey 2009  
Jeremy Streifer Ph.D., Physical Chemistry 2008  
Bennet Mortenson High School Student 2008  
Paula Colavita Postdoc, University of South Carolina 2008  
Heesuk Kim Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2008  
Bin Sun Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2007  
Lu Shang Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry 2007  
Kiu-Yuen Tse Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2007  
Kevin Metz Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2007  
Riley Larget 8th Grade EAGLE Mentor Student 2007  
Brian Ji High School Student 2007  
Sean C. Andrews B.S., Chemistry 2006  
Beth M. Nichols Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry 2006  
Sarah Baker Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2006  
Aaron Burr High School Student 2006  
Eric Meyer High School Student 2006  
Bennet Mortenson 8th Grade EAGLE Mentor Student 2006  
Tami Lasseter Clare Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2005  
Kevin Weidkamp Ph.D., Physical Chemistry 2005  
Wensha Yang Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2005  
Masanori Shinohara Visiting Scientist 2005  
Adam Schneider 8th Grade EAGLE Mentor Student 2005  
Paresh Agarwal High School & Undergraduate, MIT 2005  
Eve Hindin M.S., Materials Chemistry 2005  
Arianne Baker M.S., Physical Chemistry 2005  
Mandy Hennip M.S., Physical Chemistry 2005  
Chang-Soo Lee Visiting Scientist 2005  
Jesse Benck High School Student 2004  
Rich Pang 8th grade EAGLE Mentor Student 2004  
Liang Fang Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2003  
Wei Cai Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry 2003  
Mike Schwartz Ph.D., Materials Chemistry 2003  
Kate Skog 8th grade EAGLE Mentor Student 2003  
Jason Otis M.S., Analytical Chemistry 2002  
Bo Hu Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry 2002  
Christina Hacker Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry 2002  
Xiaoping Cao Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry 2002  
Ilari Shafer 8th grade EAGLE Mentor Student 2002  
Sarah K. Coulter Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry 2001  
Molly M. McGuire Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry 2001  
Shengqi Xie M.S., Analytical Chemistry 2000  
Rebecca Oliphant M.S., Analytical Chemistry 2000  
Jennifer S. Hovis Ph.D., Physical Chemistry 1999  
Dr. Mark D. Ellison Postdoc, Stanford University 1999  
Joel Olson Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry 1999  
Pat Votruba M.S., Analytical Chemistry 1999  
Hongbing Liu Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry 1998  
Jiangming Liu M.S., Analytical Chemistry 1998  
Magui Cardona M.S., Materials Science 1998  
Ernie Frank Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry 1997  
Jun Shan Ph.D., Physical Chemistry 1997  
Seung (Bora) Lee M.S., Analytical Chemistry 1997  
Steve Higgins Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry 1996  
Yajun Wang Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry 1996  
Xiangxiong (Harry) Chen Ph.D., Anaytical Chemistry 1996  
Mary (Smitley) Hansen M.S., Physical Chemistry 1996  
Seth Lindberg M.S., Analytical Chemistry 1996  
Alan McIntyre M.S., Analytical Chemistry 1996  
Curt Waltman M.S., Analytical Chemistry 1995  
Yaling Wang M.S., Analytical Chemistry 1994  
Dr. Michael Bronikowski Postdoc, Stanford University 1993  
Marc McEllistrem Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry 1993  
Lisa Buller B.S. , Chemistry 1992  
Ernest Darkoh-Ampem B.S.  Chemistry (and Biochemistry) 1993  
Dr. Gaddi Haase Postdoc, Hebrew University 1992  
Dong Chen Ph.D., Physics 1992  
Brian Cousins M.S., Analytical Chemistry 1992