Postdoc positions available

We are pleased to announce openings for two postdoc positions. 

Position 1: This position is part of the Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology.  We seek a postdoc candidate with expertise and/or interest in synthesis and characterization of inorganic nanomaterials and the chemical transformation of nanoparticles in aqueous environments. Nanomaterials of interest include transition metal oxides and phosphates, and carbon-based nanomaterials. Strong background in nanoparticle characterization by XPS, TEM, SEM, XRD, DLS, and other techniques is a  big plus.  Successful candidates will be willing and able to collaborate with multiple research groups to advance CSN’s scientific mission.

Position 2: This position focuses on the use of nitrogen-vacancy (Nv) centers in diamond as a means to achieve new types of quantum-based chemical sensing in aqueous environments.  Candidates with physics and/or chemistry expertise with a strong  backgrounds in optics (including custom-built optical instrumentation) are especially encouraged to apply. Prior experience with diamond and/or Nv centers is a plus but not required.  

The Hamers group is committed to an environment in which all persons, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation and/or identity, race, ethnicity, or personal characteristics can thrive.   Candidates who share our goal of increasing the diversity of the scientific workforce are especially encouraged to apply. To apply, please contact Professor Robert Hamers (